Welcome to Spears Of Light's page.

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Welcome to Spears Of Light's page.

Post by Admin on Sun May 07, 2017 9:23 am

Welcome to Spears Of Light, we are a casual guild, we do run Flashpoints, Warzone and starfighter, at the moment we dont have an ops group, its
something we will be working on in future to get back up on the feet again to make runs.

All members can do invites, Normal Ranks as Master will achived through out your stay and depending on level.

Rank Paragon is for the people who will do ops.

Counsil Elders are for officers.

The guild bank have tabs fitting the different ranks, and there is a special tab all can see but not remove anything, that tab can only be accessed
by Counsil Elders and GM, its an ask if you if you need tab
Beside from that hope you will enjoy your stay with Spears Of Light.


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